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I am Mads, and this is my blog. Hello, how do you do, and welcome. How nice of you to be here.

In case you were wondering, I am what some would call a mobile afficionado. I am immensely excited by the prospects of the mobile web. This whole idea of having a communication device in your pocket that you can use in a million different ways is literally something I’ve dreamt of since I was a little boy. So naturally I’m determined to play a part in this new world of digital living (enough with the clich├ęs already!).

I am one of the guys behind the very first Danish moblog service Albino Gorilla. We were actually the first in the world (no kidding!) to enable users to post sound and video directly to their moblog from their phones. Pretty revolutionary if you ask me. And I’m pretty sure you did.

When I’m not writing this blog, posting pictures of my little son to my moblog or playing Gears Of War on my Xbox 360, I make my living as a freelance Flash developer.


Write to me: mads at mophile dot com.


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