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Neonode… again?! February 1, 2007

Posted by Mads Foli Bjerre in : Uncategorized , trackback

What the…

The original Neonode

Just got an email from Neonode:

We are expecting. Visit www.neonode.com to find out more or go directly to www.pregnantmanblog.com to see the latest.


The original Neonode was a massively hyped but never launched device from a Swedish manufacturer by the same name. It was diminutive in size, ran some sort of Windows CE OS and had a touch screen. I was quite impressed by the specs then, but alas … it never launched. For now, it’s all hype again (don’t they ever learn). No specifications have been announced yet. It seems they plan to unveil the device at 3GSM next week. When — or if — we’ll be able to buy one I have yet to find out.

After last time’s big disappointment I think some skepticism is in place.


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